Upto 50% off on all Crash courses and Self-paced programs
Upto 50% off on all Crash courses and Self-paced programs
Upto 50% off on all Crash courses and Self-paced programs
Upto 50% off on all Crash courses and Self-paced programs
Upto 50% off on all Crash courses and Self-paced programs

Chapter Highlights

Delhi Institute of Digital Marketing (DIDM) Covers 10+ Chapters that you will learn in the Digital Marketing Science

Chapter 1. Digital Marketing Planning & Strategy
Chapter 2. Magnet Marketing
Chapter 3. Performance Marketing
Chapter 4. Funnel Marketing
Chapter 5. Product Marketing
Chapter 6. Media Buying
Chapter 7. Analytical Strategy
Chapter 8. Start Up Marketing
Chapter 9. Programmatic Advertisement
Chapter 10. Target Marketing
Chapter 11. Organic Marketing
Chapter 12. Get Hired
Training Highlights
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03 Months of Applied Learning
20+ Live Projects & Case Studies
24/7 Support
"Your chance to become a digital marketer with an incredibly diverse set of skills"

Digital Marketing Science Key Highlights​

The key highlights of our Digital Marketing Science course can be found below, which make it unique to any other Digital
Marketing Course in the country..

Key Highlights

Course created by professionals who work for some of the country's most reputable digital marketing agencies.


Work on LIVE projects of agency clients and deliver results.


Stand out from other digital marketers by learning the newest concepts of digital marketing.


Get introduced to the latest digital marketing tools and technologies.


Get hired by the country’s most established Digital Marketing Agencies.


Learn every individual chapter of the course from a specific ‘specialized’ trainer.


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Reasons To Choose DIDM’s Digital Marketing Science Course

Below are some reasons why you should choose our digital marketing science course.


We have collaborated with the top-notch digital marketing agencies in our country for our ‘Digital Marketing Science’ course so that the highly knowledgeable and esteemed digital marketing professionals working in these agencies could help our students learn real-world digital marketing concepts. These agencies have been chosen for their expertise and experience in the field. The agency professionals who will be teaching you this course are the ones who work for the most reputable Indian and foreign brands. They deliver consistent results for them on a daily basis



At DIDM's digital marketing science course, you'll learn the latest digital marketing tools, technologies, and strategies. The agency professionals who will serve you as your trainers will show you how to effectively use these tools to reach your target audience and find success in your digital marketing efforts. You'll learn how to use the latest trends to maximize your impact and stay ahead of the competition. You'll also be taught how to measure and analyze your results, so that you can make adjustments as needed. Finally, you will be given an overview of the digital marketing landscape and how it is likely to evolve in the future, so that you can stay on top of the trends.


As you know, those who will be teaching you in this course are esteemed digital marketing agency professionals. Not only will you gain valuable knowledge and insight from these experts, but you will also have the opportunity to participate in real-world projects. These projects will involve working with clients of the digital marketing agency, giving you a chance to apply your skills in a professional environment. This is an excellent opportunity for you to network, hone your digital marketing skills, and gain experience in the field.


At DIDM, we understand that every digital marketer has a different specialty, and that is why in our digital marketing science course, each individual chapter will be taught by a different trainer who has specialized skills in that field. This means that each student will benefit from the expertise of a wide range of professionals and gain a comprehensive understanding of digital marketing. From performance marketing to programmatic advertising, the digital marketing agency professionals who we have appointed as trainers will ensure that every student gets a well-rounded education in the field. With this unique approach, we are confident that our trainees will be equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in the digital marketing industry.


One of the most special aspects of our digital marketing science course is that it affords students the opportunity to network with experienced professionals in the field. Our trainers are all industry veterans, and they bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to our classes. They also maintain close relationships with many digital marketing agencies, which can provide our students with valuable connections and potential job opportunities. In fact, there is a higher chance that our students will be hired by one of their trainers' agencies to work in their digital marketing department

Digital Marketing Science Training Specification

The Digital Marketing Science course offered by DIDM is unlike any other course you have ever heard of before. This digital marketing course in Delhi NCR has specifications that are unlike anything else you are likely to see in the digital marketing education world..


Course Durations
3 | 5 Months

Course Materials

Training Session
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Practical Learning
Assignment | Case Studies

Placement Session
Job Preperation & Placements

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